The Barracuda brand suction-side vacuums have a hard time working when the water is very cold – under 60 degrees.  They have a neoprene, think soft rubber, diaphragm.  This diaphragm will open and close rapidly when the pool pump pulls water through it.  This moves the vacuum around the pool. When the water is cold the diaphragm is stiff and will not close as much as needed.  The hose is also too cold to allow it to stretch out completely which can keep the vacuum in one place or in a small area. 

Other reasons:

  • Use the “Flow Gauge” to ensure proper flow – this is comes with the vacuum.
  • Backwash filter and empty pump baskets.
  • Check diaphragm for damage or wear.
  • Check for air in system.
  1. If water level in pump basket drops or you see excessive air bubbles in the pump basket or coming from the return lines, there is air in the system.
    • Check hose connections, tighten all fittings at pump and check O-ring at pump basket for wear.