Millions of homeowners across the United States enjoy the luxury of having a swimming pool right in their backyard. Whether it’s for exercise, family fun, or relaxation, pools are a cherished addition to any home. In regions like the Northeast when the sun isn’t always on its best behavior, taking a dip in the chilly  Read More

SPRING WAKE-UP SALE! Value Pak Savings! Pre-Season Discounts! Specials! Coupons! It’s time to get ready for a summer of backyard fun. Visit our East Rochester patio showroom for furniture styles you’ll love or take a stroll through our Greece pool park and take an up-close look at a variety of pools. Specials include: Above Ground  Read More

Enjoy your Pool No Matter What the Outside Temperature Is (originally published on June 14, 2013)We wish we could control the weather and make every day a perfect pool day! Although we don’t have that kind of superpower, we can help make your pool comfortable for relaxing and swimming no matter what the temperature outside.  Read More