There are several layers to a safe above ground swimming pool.  The first, and most important, layer is always supervision. It’s never safe to swim alone and children should always have an adult poolside.  Pools are made to enjoy together. The second layer of protection is restriction of entry. When you’re not around it’s important to  Read More

When it’s time to open your pool for the season, keep these steps provided by our pros in mind.   PUMP OR SIPHON ALL WATER FROM COVER before attempting to remove it. Use a long-handled net or “leaf rake” to remove leaves and debris. Using a submersible cover pump, pump the water from the cover.  Read More

Declare “Backwards Day” Mix up all your meals, eating traditional dinner foods in the morning (cold pizza and spaghetti are especially popular) and breakfast foods like French toast or pancakes for supper. Wear your clothes backwards (as much as possible), talk and walk backwards, and read stories to each other starting at the end instead  Read More