If you’re planning to build a custom inground pool in your backyard, careful consideration is key to a successful project. While the prospect of having a private oasis at home is undoubtedly exciting, there are some things to consider as you embark on the pool design & construction process. Aside from the top 10 questions a homeowner should ask before building a pool, read on to learn more about what to consider when building a pool

Select the Right Location

If you’re looking to build an above ground pool, inground vinyl liner pool, or fiberglass pool, there are some things to consider as you plan your private oasis in your backyard. Above ground pools need to be built on level ground, which might require professional leveling by the pool installer or landscape company. Your pool, whether inground or above ground, should also be kept away from low-lying areas of your yard that attract rainwater, or you’ll need to improve the drainage or fill it in for a drier setting for your pool. 

Existing trees on your property also need to be considered when determining the placement of your pool. Trees can cause the pool water to be cooler and their leaves create more pool housekeeping. Their root systems can also cause underground issues. 

Local building codes will need to be considered when determining the placement of your pool as these codes determine how far from property lines, buildings, and overhead power cables a pool should be set, as well as any other special setbacks. Most of this information can be found on your town’s website. 

The professional pool builders at Pettis Pools will work closely with you throughout the design process to discuss all the logistics to secure the best location for your pool concerning your home and backyard. 

Who Will Use the Pool?

Understanding who will be using the pool is fundamental in making design choices. Are you building a family-friendly space, an outdoor living space for entertaining, or is it primarily for personal use? You might decide on a larger or smaller pool depending on your needs, and you’ll need to tailor your pool size and features accordingly. Explore the best pool builder near me pool gallery for inspiration and ideas that align with your specific needs and create a vision board of ideas. 

Envision Your Dream Backyard

Now’s the time to be creative and let your imagination go. Beyond the pool itself, think about the overall aesthetics of your backyard. One of most effective ways to create a stunning outdoor oasis is to enhance the space with hand-chosen patio furniture that best suits your personal style. Pettis Pools has the area’s largest fine patio furniture selection ready to bring your outdoor living space to life. This is your chance to have fun and find pieces that provide a welcoming atmosphere to your backyard and are perfect for entertaining with family and friends or just enjoying a night alone poolside. 

Take inspiration from our patio furniture gallery to envision the possibilities for your outdoor living area. Having a clear vision ensures that your pool complements the overall design of your backyard. You can also build your own poolscape or build your own inground pool to bring your vision to life digitally. 

Act Now and Get on the List Today

Timing is crucial when it comes to building a pool. As the demand for home pools rises, it’s essential to secure your spot early in the queue. By getting on the list promptly, you increase the likelihood of being among the first to enjoy your pool once the weather permits. Contact the best pool builders in East Rochester to schedule a design consultation and start building the pool of your dreams. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your evenings and weekends with a delightful backyard pool.

Best Pool Builder in East Rochester

When it comes to bringing your backyard dreams to life, the expert pool builders at Pettis Pools are here for you. Since 1962, Pettis Pools has been a leading pool and hot company, providing area homeowners with award-winning pool design & construction, as well as pool maintenance services. It’s time to let your backyard shine and get ready to enjoy family and friends in a gorgeous outdoor living space built just for you. 


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