Our Pool Park Loves Visitors!

Pettis Pools & Patio Pool Park Is Open!

Semi Inground Pool in the Pettis Pools & Patio Pool Park

Softub from Softub Express, a Division of Pettis Pools & Patio

Pettis Pools is the only dealer in Rochester that has an outdoor pool display with both above ground and inground pools. You can see these real size pools in operation.

Here’s what you’ll find in the Pettis Pools and Patio Pool Park:

1. There are three above ground pools (18′ x 54″ deep, 24′ x 52″ deep and 27′ pool that is 54″ deep) All of them are actually filled and running so you can see how the skimmer works, how the filter is hooked up, and how it is to stand next to the variable pool heights.

2. Our 20′ x 34′ Fox inground pool features an in-pool bench, in-pool stair and 4 custom deck jets. This pool is heated by an Aqua Cal Heat pump and sanitized by an AutoPilot Salt Generator so you can see how these are hooked up as well as how they work. An automatic pool cleaner keeps the pool clean—watch it travel throughout the pool bottom and walls keeping them clean—while you sit back and enjoy!

3. Fox X-brace This is something you won’t see any other place! We have left part of the pool structure that is normally backfilled cleared out so you can see the structural integrity of the patented Fox X-brace construction. Walk on the 3′ sidewalk around the pool and you’ll notice there’s no backfill dirt supporting this part of the pool. Once again, the Fox X braces are doing their jobs! That’s why we say – Fox, the strongest name in pools.  Pettis has been building Fox pools since 1962. That’s one year short of fifty years!

4. Semi-Inground Pool on display in the Pettis Pool Park is a must-see! This pool is available in round and oval sizes and has a 52″ wall. The amazing thing is that you can put this pool entirely in the ground, entirely above ground or as shown with our 21′ round display pool, partially inground and partially above ground. Over the years, customers have expressed a desire to have their above ground pool partly in the ground and now it’s possible because of the structural integrity of the Ultimate Pool, a Fox pool product! This year, Fox also made it possible to have this pool installed with a walk-in stair. Now you’re talking about a pool that’s looking more and more like a full-fledged inground pool.

There are pictures and more information on the Pettis Pools and Patio website, just follow this link.

5. Softub—America’s favorite portable hot tub also on display in our Pool Park as well as at both stores. Pettis has been a Softub dealer since 1994 and has a separate division called SOFTUB EXPRESS that shows softubs at fairs and festivals throughout NYS and part of Florida. You’ve seen Softub at the Windmill in PennYan, at the NYS Fair, the Lilac Festival, Erie County Fair and many more events. SOFTUB EXPRESS holds the #1 spot in the entire United States, selling more Softubs each year than any other dealership.

Pettis is also a warranty center for Softub, servicing not only New York state but customers throughout the entire US.

Softub is made in America and is sold throughout the world. It is a full featured, energy efficient hot tub that offers therapy, togetherness, relaxation and fun for the entire family.

Visit the pettispools.com or the softubexpress.com websites for more information.