Learn About the Differences Between Them
At Pettis Pools & Patio, we carry Finnleo saunas; one reason we chose this line is because they provide top-quality selections in the both the Traditional and Infrared categories. We also carry a combination sauna that features the ability to act as both types of saunas in the same unit.  Let’s begin by looking at the differences between a traditional and an infrared sauna.

A traditional sauna by Finnleo is a great way to "sweat it out"

A traditional sauna by Finnleo is a great way to “sweat it out”

A traditional sauna has high heat (185-195°F) and low humidity. This type of sauna is also known as a “wet sauna” or steambath because water is splashed over the rocks in the heater to create blasts of steam. This also intensifies the feeling of heat and the room itself is heated completely; an infrared sauna heats the body.

An infrared sauna offers an environment that is milder by comparison. Inside the sauna, heat is provided by infrared heaters; there are no coals, or stones. The heat is emitted directly from the infrared panels, which remain cool to the touch. This type of heat is more penetrating, moving deeply into the joints and muscles. In fact, these are the same type of rays that keep premature babies warm. The heating up time is also shorter than a traditional sauna; taking roughly 15-20 minutes, compared to 30-40 minutes.

As we mentioned, Finnleo features a combination sauna where you can switch between a traditional and infrared sauna. This is great for households where there are different preferences.

Ultimately, it comes down to your personal opinion-the benefits are largely the same. If you would like to try the saunas out, just call ahead to our East Rochester location and we’ll have them turned on and ready for you to try. Our phone number is 585-383-0700.