Some purchases just shouldn’t be made “sight unseen”
Here at Pettis Pools & Patio, we have seen firsthand what happens when “cheap knockoffs” enter an industry. For many years, the home sauna market was dominated by high quality across the board: strong woods, high-efficiency ceramics in the heaters, craftsmanship and rigid safety controls.
As the Internet grew in popularity, so did the rise in cheaply manufactured saunas available for sale. Yes, you may be thinking, when I do a Google search, I do find cheaper saunas—why would I want to spend more?
Why Cheaper Saunas Are Cheaper:

  • Cheap controls made of low-grade plastics
  • Toxic glues that do not meet US safety standards
  • Lack of safe electrical wiring (dangling, loose, or even bare wires)
  • Unfinished, low-quality wood (no finishing sanding, rough to the touch, terrible odors from the wood itself)
  • Staples holding the unit together
  • Mismatched veneers
  • Poor placement of heaters that limits their effectiveness
  • Poor quality heaters that do not emit the correct wavelength
  • Companies that are manufacturing them have no history or sauna tradition—they are simply in it to “make a buck”
  • Lack of support after the sale

We have seen these saunas first-hand because we are approached to sell these units—and it is appalling to us what passes as a “sauna.”
As a result, we are more committed than ever to carrying the top home sauna manufacturer in the world, Finnleo. They have not only been exclusively in the sauna business since 1919, they also have an entire R&D lab devoted to constantly improving their products and customer experiences. We know those “cheap” companies do not even have R&D.
We invite you to come into our East Rochester location and see, feel, and try the Finnleo saunas yourself. If you call ahead, we’ll have them warmed up and ready to go, so you can experience them in person. Also, through a local purchase, you keep money in the Rochester economy, you benefit from our customer service and support after the sale. If something ever goes wrong, we will help make it right.
Call us at (585) 383-0700 and we’ll have one ready for you to try. We think it’s so much better than buying something unseen with the impersonal click of a mouse…