…and not “Big Box” stores

Don't buy your pool chemicals at a "Big Box" store

Don’t buy your pool chemicals at a “Big Box” store

Many people think that going “Big Box” is always the cheapest way to shop—for everything from chicken breasts to toilet paper to diapers. This blog article will examine some points to keep in mind if you are considering going “Big Box” for your pool chemicals.

What’s really inside?

If a manufacturer has shelf space at a big box store, they have agreed to keep their product priced at a certain price point. The pressure to do so means they reformulate their products by putting less of the active ingredients in—and more filler. You may be looking at a 50 lb. bucket from the outside, but what’s inside is not the same high-quality, pure product found on our shelves.

Not all chemicals are created equal! Many mass merchant chemicals contain much higher percentages of fillers and binders to keep the price down. Not only will you need more chemical to do the same job but you also run the risk of developing an oily film at the water line or in the skimmer from the animal fats used as binders.

You would NEVER find a pool professional using the products sold at a big box store because we know the amount of impurities in their tubs. Our chlorine and bromine, for example, are pure. When you add them to your pool you know exactly what you are putting in. There are no “mysterious” lower-grade chemicals added. Even though the manufacturers may make the tubs the same size, you’ll use more of the big box product than ours due to the lower concentration of actual product.

Use What the Pros Use

If you want a pool that looks crystal clear, use what we use. We are constantly evaluating products in the marketplace and testing them. What ends up on our shelves are proven, reputable brands that we use in our own—and our customers’—pools. The products that make our “cut” are efficient, effective, and reliable. As an added bonus, they were actually manufactured this year so they have not lost their potency!

Stay Safe and Undamaged

The other reason to steer clear of lower-quality offerings is because, quite simply, poor quality chemicals can damage your liner, gunite pool or spa. They may also stain your pool or cause excessive foaming or cloudy water. Who wants to jump into a pool full of that?

By using high-quality products you have better control over what’s happening with your water. If you and your family are going to be splashing around in it, isn’t it worth having water that is in the best balance possible? Also, think about the way the “filler-added” chemicals can affect skin, eyes and hair. Yuck…

Support for You

At Pettis Pools & Patio, we have an investment in YOU, our customers. Our staff is knowledgeable and professional. We can answer your questions, we can talk you through issues over the phone, you can bring a water sample to us for free testing—and get great advice about how to clear up any issues you may have. Doesn’t it sound better to have reliable assistance, than to buy something and try to use Google to find a solution? In most cases, the people who work at big box stores know almost NOTHING about the chemicals they’re selling, the safe handling of the products, and cannot give proper advice.

FREE Pool School

Join us at 9am in our Greece or 10 am at our East Rochester location and learn simple “how-to” steps for easy pool care. It’s FREE and serves as a great refresher for those who have a pool, or an overall informative education for those who are just entering the world of pool ownership.

These informal sessions are structured to provide information about: filtration, vacuuming your pool, chemical treatment, solar covers as well as a chance to have your questions answered by our experts. Be ready to go hands-on as you learn about top tips and techniques to keep your pool crystal clear all summer long. At our Greece store, we’ll take advantage of our pool park to see everything live, and in-use.

We are here for you in a way that the kid at the big box store can’t be. Because they sell so many products, they can’t be bothered to take the time to help or offer solutions for pools or water problems. Let us help you, that’s why we’re here!