At Pettis Pools & Patio We’re Glad to be in Such a Healthy Business!
We see people all the time who are interested in swimming pools to promote time for togetherness with family and friends. However, as much fun as pools are, they have many practical health benefits as well. Here is the top 10 our staff compiled for your reading pleasure.
10 Benefits of Swimming

  1. Swimming Lowers Your Stress: When you are swimming your body releases endorphins that are a natural way to promote relaxation and lift your mood. The meditation of swimming allows you to use the rhythm of your own breathing to stimulate your brain.
  2. Did you know swimming lowers your mortality rate more than any other exercise? In research by the University of South Carolina, swimmers had a lower death rate than walkers, runners and–not surprisingly–couch potatoes.
  3. Swimming trains almost all the muscles in your body, but you rarely feel you are straining. It’s easy to put together a water workout to work some muscles and also to relax others.
  4. Swimming helps you maintain normal blood pressure by strengthening your heart muscles and improving the pumping capacity of your heart.
  5. If you are post-surgery and it is recommended you not perform weight-bearing exercises, swimming is the perfect solution. It acts as a low-impact resistance for your body allowing you to exercise your muscles without injury.
  6. Swimming boosts your “good” cholesterol (HDL) and lowers the levels of “bad” cholesterol (LDL) because of the aerobic side of this type of exercise.
  7. Swimming is a great calorie burner so you can lose weight or maintain. Ten minutes of breaststroke, for example burns 60 calories while the butterfly burns through an impressive 150!
  8. It helps with joint flexibility and helps keep your body balanced. When the body is in water, it becomes lighter and stiff muscles and joints become more flexible. Also, no matter what stroke you choose, it will help lengthen your body to provide a good stretch.
  9.  Swimming helps beat “office slouch.” Many of us work at computers and tend to hunch forward with our shoulders and bend forward with our neck and spine, swimming keeps our shoulders back and our chests forward to help “undo” our slouch.
  10. 10. Help your asthma when you swim! The moist air helps to reduce exercise-induced asthma symptoms by increasing lung capacity and through the development of good breathing techniques.

We could go on and on, but you get the idea. Give us a call today or stop in and learn about the many great pool choices we have available to help improve your health.