Our founders, Larry and Erma Pettis, were conscientious business owners who always sought the best products for our customers. Nowadays, the “chemicals” coming in from overseas manufacturers are loaded with filler and additives and it goes against what we stand for. Cheap doesn’t mean better, and in this case, it can sometimes be dangerous.
We have developed our own line of Pettis-branded spa chemicals that are manufactured to our exacting specifications. We were able to accomplish offering a competitive price without resorting to “junking it up” with fillers. By creating our own label we know the source, we know everything going in, and we can consistently control product quality. This way we can offer you the very best quality at a price you can afford.
Not every company is willing to take the extra step of creating something themselves to create value for their customers—but we are. Next time you’re in either one of our Pettis Pools & Patio stores, take a look at our line of Pettis spa chemicals—the ones you can feel great about using!