The name kind of says everything…but here are some more details about another new product we’re carrying.
“Who Peed in My Pool” attacks the unwanted filth that makes water dull, dingy and sometimes just plain stinky. This filth-busting fury uses unique fizzing crystals in the pool and immediately goes to work destroying lingering contaminants. Say goodbye to filth and hello to a clean, clear, fresh pool!   Use after rain storms, pool parties and anytime the pool looks dull. Add it weekly to prevent ugly problems from occurring.
Eliminates Pool Filth

  • Quickly and effectively eliminates pee, sweat, sunscreen, lotion, pet dander, fertilizer and much more!
  • Works in all pool types
  • Treat then swim in 15 min
  • 7lbs treats up to 30,000 gallons
Who Peed?

Who Peed?

Note: Do NOT use in Baquacil Pools
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