At Pettis Pools & Patio, we’re proud to carry industry-leading Finnelo Saunas—and, once again, they are setting industry standards. Independent third-party testing shows Finnleo’s Low EMR/Low EF infrared saunas surpass the most stringent Swedish standards for acceptable levels of Electromagnetic Radiation and Electric Field radiation. While several infrared sauna manufacturers have achieved relatively low levels of EMR, Finnleo is the first to accomplish these readings for both.

The testing practices used on the Finnleo IR sauna rooms were established using the “worst case” scenario of any products in the category. Using maximum wattage and amperage the Finnleo IR rooms scored EMR readings of a 0.8 milligauss or lower at every point within the IR sauna room, including on the heating panel surfaces themselves. This is well below the 2 milligauss limit established by Swedish Standard.

Again using the worst case scenario for electrical conditions, the EF readings were equally impressive as with the EMR readings. The EF readings were 2.8 volts/meter or lower throughout the IR sauna room-compared to 10 volts/meter limit established by Swedish Standards.

While the goal in Finnleo’s engineering and development of Low EMR/Low EF infrared saunas was to achieve the lowest readings possible to ensure the safest infrared sauna experience, they also refined the features of the infrared sauna rooms. Finnleo has achieved the right balance of form and function with the intent of creating an environment where a sauna enthusiast can relax in a room designed with their comfort, health, and safety in mind. For added peace of mind, the low EMR/low EF infrared rooms are backed by the world’s largest sauna manufacturer’s warranty.

To learn more about the Finnleo Low EMR/Low EF Infrared Saunas stop into our East Rochester location and see these terrific saunas for yourself!