Himalaya – the name of the legendary mountain range means “home of the snow”. Like its namesake, the secret of Finnleo’s Himalaya also lies in the natural water cycle. The new sauna stove conceals a water container featuring ingenious BWT technology, which humidifies the sauna room while it is warming up. So when you climb up onto the ben

ches, the air is already pleasantly humid and easy to breathe. You can enjoy the rich warmth on your skin already at a slightly lower temperature.
About BTW technology:

BWT (Bio Water Technique) is an exciting development for both residential and commercial saunas. Experienced sauna bathers know how to add water to the sauna to create the perfect sauna environment, but new sauna enthusiasts and commercial facilities need assistance in finding the right balance. Both the novice and advanced bathers benefit from BWT as an integral water reservoir is mounted in the heater and among the elements to produce the right amount of steam every time. Though all Finnleo traditional sauna heaters are designed for water use, the BWT will reduce energy costs, extend the life of the elements and the room itself, simplify the addition of water, allow for measured amounts of aromatherapy, and if the bather still wishes to hear the splash of water on the rocks, one can still ladle water for the added sensation.
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