From cars, to hot tubs, to people – neglect and inactivity leads to deterioration and atrophy.
For the senior citizens among us, this is particularly true and it is especially important that they are diligent in their efforts to stay active – mentally and physically.
For folks who perhaps have recently retired from sedentary jobs, folks who never had an active lifestyle to begin with, or folks with ailments, it can be difficult for them to get motivated – especially for physical activity and exercise. Pain from atrophy, injury, or just plain weakness are big hurdles for anyone at any age to overcome.
For these reasons and a great many more, swim spas are a phenomenal tool for folks at any age – not only to ease into exercise, but then rigorously continue to exercise and maintain their fitness.
Swim spas provide a comfortable, warm, low impact environment to perform a multitude of exercises ranging from swimming to rowing. Swim spas double as ideal recovery environments as well, thanks to their hot tub seats and hydrotherapy jets.
The benefits aren’t just physical. Swim Spas, like hot tubs, are an incentive for friends and family to gather for exercise, physical well-being, and great conversation.
It’s never too late to begin taking care of yourself. There’s no doubt that good physical and mental health can lead to a longer, certainly more enjoyable life. Let’s get the hitch back in your giddy up! Visit Pettis Pools and check out some swim spas in person. We’d love for you to test one out!
In the meantime, check out our swim spas page. We proudly carry PowerPools by MAAX. We only sell PowerPools because they are the very best swim spas on the market today.
We look forward to giving you a PowerPool demonstration!