You probably know all about the better-known benefits of regular sauna use. Things like a reduction in aches and pains, stress relief and flushing toxins are well-documented.
You may not know that many athletes – even those at the very top of their sports – swear by regular sauna use, too. For the benefits described above, yes, but also because of the boost it can offer their athletic performance.

Athletic Benefits

Ask any athlete and they’ll tell you – the key to success is training. But there is a downside as well. Successful training, without causing damage to the body, requires periods of rest and recovery between sessions so the body can heal. Sauna sessions immediately following training can help reduce recovery time, meaning the athlete in your life gets in more quality training.
Sauna time also offers quality contemplative time for athletes – time to reflect on what’s working in their performance and what isn’t, time to plan new strategies and, frankly, time to relax.
Sauna sessions are also a great time for team building. Regular sauna users often say they’ve had some of their most heartfelt, honest conversations in the warm, dark confines of a sauna – and it’s no different for the members of athletic teams, who need to share a close bond to achieve a successful performance on the field or court.
Coaches at the highest levels around the world encourage their athletes to make regular use of saunas year-round – not just during the season – to get the most benefit. Studies have shown that regular sauna use, much like regular exercise, has a positive cumulative effect on the body. These coaches recognize that a sauna is a tool of health, and want their athletes ready to stay ahead of the game.

Sauna Use for Aging Athletes

If there’s one thing in life we can’t change, it’s the passage of time. Even athletes who were once at the very top of their game get older. Aches and pains become more common. Muscles and joints don’t accommodate exercise like they once did. Sauna use, while not a full replacement for cardiovascular exercise, can offer similar benefits – increased heart rate, sweating, etc. – without the wear and tear on your body. Plus, it feels great!
You can learn much more about the health and wellness benefits of saunas on the Finnleo Sauna’s website. And when you’re ready to add a sauna – and all these benefits – to your home, stop by and see us. We’d be happy to talk to you about all the options, and help you choose the sauna that’s just right for you.