Forget about having to wait in long lines to buy tickets for the latest show or having to get to the movie theater extra early to get “good seats.” Hot tub cinemas are all the rage in London and are spreading across the globe. Why not create this awesome idea in your own backyard? Don’t know where to start? Allow us to help you identify three things you will need to make your backyard movie night a success.


Believe it or not, you are probably already holding or looking at the object that can make your backyard movie night possible! That’s right, your smartphone and computer are the perfect tools to stream the movie of your choice! Movies are now more versatile than ever! From streaming to DVD’s or instant downloads, it is easier than ever to access your favorite titles instantly!


Projectors have come a long way from just being used to project the family home videos! You can now purchase projectors that are easy to use and inexpensive to buy! Starting around $100, projectors have a wide variety of options! From Bluetooth to WiFi compatibility, your future projector can both fit your budget and be compatible with the devices you already own!


If you do a quick search on the internet, you will find that the options for a screen for your projector are endless! You can go the simple route and just project your movie on the side of your house or on a basic white sheet hung in the yard OR you can purchase the latest inflatable screen that has built-in speakers! Either of these options will help make your backyard movie night a success!
Grab a bowl of popcorn, your favorite beverage and snuggle into the hot tub for a relaxing movie without having to silence your phone!