Health and wellness are on everyone’s mind these days! The pharmaceutical companies are making a killing with the latest skinny pill, shakes, and drinks. But are they really good for you? If you take the time to read the small print, three out of four times the side effects outweigh the positives of using the product. Health experts will agree that the best way to stay healthy is by staying active!
Staying fit seems to be a difficult thing to do as our time becomes more divided between family and work. Getting to the gym can sometimes be a struggle in itself! What if you could stay active and do it just by stepping out your back door into a swim spa. You may be thinking, “That sounds too easy”, but it IS just that easy.
The name swim spa sounds like all you can do is swim in it… I agree very misleading! In fact, it should be called swim, walk, run, rowing and relaxation spa. Don’t want to swim today? No worries! Switch it up and work on your arms and abs. Use the rowing option that will make you feel like you are on an ivy league rowing team (without all the yelling). The options are endless…and the best part is that after your hard workout you can sit and enjoy a relaxing massage without leaving your backyard. Sit and allow the spa’s jets to massage the soreness and tension out of your muscles.
Did you know that soaking in a spa can do more than just help relax your body? It’s true! Do you have trouble falling asleep? A relaxing dip in the swim spa before bedtime can assist you to sleep better and deeper than ever before! Have high blood sugar, high blood pressure or fibromyalgia? Studies have shown that hydrotherapy is effective in assisting with all the above! How incredible is that? With a swim spa, you are not only maximizing your health but your wellness as well! 
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