It might be easier to ask, what isn’t a swim spa. Because you’ll never find a more versatile, useful, enjoyable piece of equipment you can add to your home.
Just look at all the ways you can use a swim spa:


Well, of course. It’s right there in the name. And if you’re a swimmer, a swim spa is the perfect addition to your home. The adjustable jets in a MAXX PowerPool swim spa mean you can set the current to whatever speed is most comfortable for you, while you swim whatever distance you want. Meters, miles, the choice is yours. Slow it way down and teach the kids or grandkids how to swim. No more traveling to the gym and fighting for lane time, or risking open water swimming. Just walk out your back door!


With the addition of a rowing kit, you can get an entirely different kind of exercise out of your swim spa. Rowing provides an incredible upper body workout – and in the swim spa, you get the added benefit of water resistance.

Walking and Running

You can also walk and run against the swim spa current to vary your workout and get a great, low-impact exercise. The buoyancy of the water saves so much wear and tear on your joints. As you build strength and stamina, increase the power of the current!


This is what makes a swim spa truly special. Every swim spa also includes hydrotherapy seats, so you can enjoy a water massage just like you would with a hot tub. With some models, the seats are integrated into the swimming area and in others, they are an independent section at the rear of the swimming area. What you choose depends on your budget and the space you have for installation of your swim spa.


Of course, the family can splash and play in a swim spa just like they would in a pool. And they get to faster – construction of a typical pool can take weeks, while a swim spa can be ready in just a day!
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