Every day we are inundated with commercials and ads about the latest fitness craze, newest gym, or home fitness machine. Tune out all that noise: The answer might be right in your own backyard. Did you know that the best, most efficient form of exercise is swimming? So, shut off the TV, unplug from the internet, close that magazine and jump into a pool and swim for a healthier you! Below we’ve listed some of the scientific benefits of swimming everyone can enjoy.

Kids, Adults, and Elderly

Swimming remains one of the most popular forms of physical activity across the world that reaches all individuals of society, regardless of age, gender, disability, or socioeconomic status. Children often partake in swimming lessons at a young age which promotes faster development, as well as key skills such as walking, talking, and counting faster. Adults can also benefit from swimming because it helps reduce stress and anxiety. Plus, what’s not to love about relaxing in a refreshing pool on a hot summer day? Swimming also helps the elderly stay mentally agile, improves cardiovascular and cholesterol health, increases flexibility, and helps with joint pain. There are a variety of health benefits to people of all ages!

Body Benefits from Head to Toe

Swimming is a full body workout that incorporates both upper and lower body movement. If you have ever noticed a swimmer’s body, the results show. Swimming helps increase your heart rate without stressing your body, helps you tone and gain muscle, increases bone strength, and builds endurance! Nearly all your muscles are used during swimming, and exercise in water gives your body more support than exercise on land. Since swimming has a low impact on your joints and bones, it can be done every single day and promote great health!

Jump Inside for Great Benefits

While your muscles are getting a great workout, helping you look healthy on the outside, your cardiovascular system is too! Studies show that swimmers have about half the risk of death from heart attack and stroke when compared to inactive people. Swimming helps improve heart health, controls blood sugar, lung capacity, lowers blood pressure, improves sleep, and helps lower stress and depression. Swimming can bring about all those feel-good emotions that give you that natural endorphin kick. Chronic stress tends to lead to brain cell degeneration, but swimming helps unshrink the size of the hippocampus. Swimming increases the size of the hippocampus through a process called hippocampal neurogenesis. Swimming is a medicine. If you feel like you are treading water emotionally, jump into a pool and go for a good swim!

Medical Injuries, Arthritis, MS, and More

If you are recovering from a medical injury or find high-impact exercises difficult, swimming is a great and safe option for you! Individuals with arthritis, injuries, or disabilities, can benefit from swimming in many ways. Studies show that those with osteoarthritis reported significant reduction in join paint and stiffness after swimming. If you suffer from asthma, you most likely are familiar with difficulty exercising. The humid environment of indoor pools allows those with asthma to exercise comfortably, while also expanding their lung capacity and help gain control over their breathing. People with multiple sclerosis (MS) also may find swimming very beneficial. Water provides a gentle resistance while also making the limbs buoyant. Swimming is a safe and low-impact activity for those who are injured and seeking a safe and effective means of rehab.

Mothers-to-be, Keep Calm and Float On

During pregnancy, the mother endures both physical and psychological stress. Swimming during pregnancy is highly recommended, as the water acts as a cushion to the full weight of the body. Therefore, movements the mother was unable to do out of the water are now accessible. Swimming also reduces swelling, muscle cramps, prevents varicose veins, and reduces stress on the spine and surrounding muscles. While swimming benefits the mother in physical ways, it also helps improve emotional state, reducing stress and nervous tension. It can also help prepare the mother for childbirth! So, mothers-to-be, keep calm and float on!

Feeling Motivated to Grab Goggles Now?

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