Enjoy Peace of Mind

Your Sauna Experience Is Low-Impact

Green Impact

The Finnleo pure sauna experience is designed from a profound respect and care for the nature that inspires it. We only use timber from sustainably-managed forests originating in countries known for their responsible forestry management—Canada and Finland.

We have also taken great care to ensure our saunas use as little energy as possible. Compared to hot tubs and jetted tubs, Finnleo saunas use much less power to heat and stay warm. Finnleo traditional and infrared saunas has also been proven to emit no VOC’s and little or minimal EMF emissions which provides comfort and peace of mind knowing you will be releasing toxins for which a sauna is well known, rather than exposing yourself to additional toxins, which are common in our everyday lives. Because of this, the sauna experience can only be truly pure if it includes peace of mind.

Lastly, as evidence of Finnleo’s concern for the environment and the impact our company can have globally, we have implemented the procedures and received the Lloyds Register of London Certificate ISO-14001:2004 for our “Environmental Management Systems”.

Sustainable Forest Timber

Finnleo uses timber only from sustainable forests. From sourcing our Nordic whitewoods from one of the leading countries in forestry management, Finland, to going through the extra steps necessary to use Canadian sourced timber in our infrared rooms, Finnleo wants to ensure our customers can purchase our product with a peace of mind and a good feeling about the environmental impact.

Low Energy Usage

Perhaps the best story of all concerns energy use and heat bathing. Both infrared and traditional saunas are considered the most energy-efficient form of heat bathing available. While other heat bathing products such as hot tubs or jetted tubs use a relatively large amount of energy to stay warm (and to become warm initially), our units use very low amounts of energy (residences average about $5 per month) while surrounding you in the comfortable heat of a sauna or steambath.