When it comes to outfitting your outdoor living space with the right patio furniture, it’s important to note quality plays a key role in the longevity of your pieces. While you may look for ways to cut costs while transforming your outdoor area, skimping on quality outdoor furniture shouldn’t be one. It pays to invest in quality outdoor furniture that will make entertaining and spending time with your family even more enjoyable. Here’s why. 

Quality Furniture is Beautiful and Inviting

They say we “eat with our eyes first,” and the same is true when we look at our furniture to relax after a long day. The chair or lounge we want to sit on is the one we find most attractive and inviting. That’s why it’s important to see, touch and sit in the furniture before investing. It’s easy to take pretty pictures for online shopping, but you can’t really tell the quality from an image. If your outdoor living space doesn’t have furniture you want to spend time on and that holds up over time, the likelihood is you won’t be going outside to enjoy it much.

Also, when you have guests over, you want them to feel comfortable as well. No one can relax when there are not enough places to sit, or the available chairs are unattractive, uncomfortable and cheap. Your friends might even fear the chair will break when they use it!

Skip these problems by choosing high-quality chairs, tables, loungers and deep seating groups that are attractive, durable and inviting to the overall aesthetic of your space.

Better Quality Lasts Longer

Having cheap plastic chairs that break quickly might work if you’re young and don’t have the resources to choose differently, but the truth is that you’ll spend much more money over time if you choose low-quality furniture as it will constantly need to be replaced.

Instead, choose a few high-quality pieces that you truly enjoy and want to use for a long time. When you invest in better quality, you’ll get furniture that’s built to last – not built for short-term use. Many of today’s high-end pieces come in a variety of materials that are designed to withstand the elements over time. And the cushions, pillows and textiles that complement them are also made using fabrics that won’t fade or wear quickly. 

At Pettis Pools, we only offer quality furniture and have hand-selected brands we stand by. Choose from aluminum, cast aluminum, wrought iron, all-weather wicker, teak, poly/resin and more. We have many different options to choose from, and we’ll work with you to determine the best one for your needs. 

High-Quality Outdoor Furniture is Comfortable

When it comes to your outdoor living space, it’s important to be comfortable. Whether you’re enjoying the pool and the sun, or you’re sitting under the stars at night by a fire, you want to have a place you can comfortably sit and catch up. 

Who wants to squeeze into too-narrow seats or sit uncomfortably on hard cushions? That’s why you should invest in outdoor furniture that you’ll love to use. From large outdoor seating areas designed to encompass a fire pit to dining areas, settees, loungers, umbrellas and so much more, high-quality pieces make it easier, and more welcoming, to enjoy your outdoor space.  

Best Outdoor Furniture in Monroe

When you buy cheap outdoor furniture, sure you’ll save money initially, but you’re ultimately giving up so much more. You won’t have attractive, inviting pieces that make it easy to enjoy your outdoor space. You won’t be comfortable, and the furniture you buy won’t last nearly as long. There’s value in buying the best. It might cost more upfront, but you’ll save money not having to replace it over and over. On top of that, you’ll enjoy using it more. 

Be sure to stop by our patio furniture showroom at our East Rochester location to see our large selection and to try out the quality firsthand. Whether in-stock or special order, we’ve got a large selection to choose from. Our outdoor furniture experts will help you choose the best pieces for your outdoor living space.