When you think about pool maintenance, you likely only consider the regular and proper maintenance schedule you need to keep to ensure your pool is swim-ready at all times. But what about if you aren’t going to be using your pool in the off-season? How do you ensure your pool is closed correctly so it stays healthy and ready to open in Spring? 

Properly opening and closing your pool is a crucial aspect when it comes to safe and correct pool maintenance. However, this is not something that you want to handle yourself – it’s best to hire a professional company. Below are a few benefits of using a professional pool opening and closing service company.

In-Depth, Expert Care

Putting your pool to bed properly means all equipment, and underground lines for inground swimming pools need to be properly drained and winterized. A professional company will be able to perform these services along with covering the pool using your specific equipment and providing professional chemical products. Hiring a pool expert will give you the peace of mind that a professional is handling this delicate job to ensure a successful opening come the new swimming season. 

Technical Expertise

Pool equipment is a vital part of how your pool runs. If the equipment isn’t functioning properly, it can become a costly fix in the long run. By using a professional service company to winterize your pool, you can rest easy knowing every step of the process will be covered and nothing will be missed, potentially leaving you to deal with serious or expensive problems. Additionally, having the professionals open your pool come Spring allows for them to properly inspect your equipment for any damage that may have occurred in the off-season.

Saves Time

While pool ownership is a big responsibility, it is also meant to be enjoyed. The pool closing process is time-consuming, so we encourage pool owners to spend their time where it matters most — relishing the last few swims of summer by enjoying the pool with family and friends. And who doesn’t want to get their pool going at the first signs of beautiful weather? A professional service company can have your pool swim-ready in no time. 

Your Greece Pool Service Experts

If you want your pool to last a long time, perform at its best, and offer you maximum safety and enjoyability, it’s best to invest in professional pool closing services. Give the service professionals at Pettis Pools a call today to schedule an appointment for your professional pool opening or pool winterization services today. 


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