I Highly Recommend Pettis Pools.
I am new to the area and bought a home with an in-ground pool.  I did not want the pool because I knew nothing about maintaining one.  My grandson asked if I would open the pool for him.  I was a little hesitant because the previous owner hadn’t opened it in five years.  Oh, but what we will do for our grandkids.  I called Pettis Pools on Manitou Road and talked to Mindi Barnes.  She said they could open the pool for me and recommended my wife and I attend their pool school class.  We attended the class, given by Karen Blossom. Karen taught us a lot.  I went back several times with questions and Karen guided me all the way.  She was very understanding and patient with me. I would not have made it without her help. I went from not wanting anything to do with a pool to properly maintaining and enjoying one.  I can’t thank the owner John, Karen, Mindi, and the whole friendly staff at Pettis Pools enough for all of their help.

Dave B.