Here at Pettis Pools & Patio, we live and breathe pools every month of the year, but for those of you who don’t, we have a handy guide for getting your pool ready for summer fun.

Solar Reel

Pool Cleaner

1. Pump or siphon all water from your pool cover before you try to remove it.

First, use a long-handled net or “leaf rake” to remove leaves and debris. Next, use a submersible cover pump to pump the water from the cover. Do not pump water from your cover into the pool as it contains bacteria and algae.

Carefully remove the cover for cleaning and storage. We recommend a cleaner such as Baquacil Cover Cleaner, which eliminates all bacteria and algae that may be clinging to the cover. If you used water tubes for hold down, empty, clean and dry prior to storage.

2.  Remove and replace.

Remove all winterizing plugs, gizmos, etc. and replace skimmer and pump strainer baskets and eyeball fittings.  Re-install all ladders, hand rails, diving boards.  Hook up any automatic chlorinators, heat pumps, heaters, salt generators or whatever extra equipment you have on your pool.

3. Fill Your Pool to the Correct Water Level.

Your pool’s water level must be at the proper height for the skimmer to work properly. Also be sure to check your filter, hoses, filter media, etc. so your filter system will operate effectively. If you have a sand filter, we suggest that you either chemically clean the sand or replace it before you fill the pool.  So easy to do and guarantees a fresh start to the new season.

Now, begin circulating the water.  Hopefully, your pump and motor are in tip-top condition but if not, we can help to make it run like new again. Bearings and seals are the most commonly needed repairs. We offer a full service department with an outstanding inventory of parts. New pump units are also available if needed

4. Vacuum Your Pool If Needed.

If your pool was clean and clear of any debris when you put it away last fall and the proper winterizing chemicals were added, it should still be that way when you take the cover off in the spring. However, if there is any bottom dirt or debris that needs to be vacuumed, remember to use your “waste” position on your filter rather than a “filter” position.

If there is a pile of leaves, debris, etc. on the bottom of your pool, then you will be glad to hear about this neat tool called a Leaf Bagger. It hooks up to your vacuum pole and using a garden hose to push everything into a mesh bag, provides an effective way to quickly get things out of the pool without running all this junk through the filter. And, yes, you can find these Leaf Baggers at Pettis Pools.

5. Test Your Water.

Start your season with new reagents or test strips to assure a true test reading. You’ll want to adjust your pH to 7.2-7.6 first. Then, test the alkalinity and adjust it if necessary. Add algaecide and shock by following the directions in the start-up kit then let the water circulate for 8-12 hours. Finally, add the bottle of clarifier from the kit to bring back the sparkle to your water.

6. Bring in a Sample of Your Pool Water.

Take a sample at least 18” below the surface using a clean glass jar or a water sample bottle we provide for free – just ask. Our water test centers will perform a series of tests then provide a computer printout that shows you the condition of your pool water. It’s easy to see if you may need to make any adjustments to bring your water into balance. There is no charge for this service; we are happy to help.

7. If you use chlorine as a sanitizer, don’t add stabilizer until your water is tested and the results show you really need it!

Too little stabilizer (also called conditioner) will result in a loss of chlorine to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Too much could reduce the effectiveness of your chlorine leading to possible problems with algae and clarity.

8. Once Your Pool Water Is Properly Adjusted, Follow Regular Maintenance Procedures—and Enjoy!

If you do have a problem or a specific question about your pool or filter, call us or stop in. We are here to help you…maintaining your pool is easy if you get off to a good start each season.