Plus an Outstanding April Pre-Season Special on One of Our Favorite Models

An above ground swimming pool provides easy summer fun in your own backyard. Above ground pools are becoming increasingly popular and more affordable, especially because they are easy-to-install as well as convenient. Choices to take into consideration include size, style and materials used. We’ll take a look at some of the options in this post.

Factor #1: Location

An above ground swimming pool enhances your backyard by providing a relaxing getaway, the perfect central point for parties and fun for your family and guests. As you investigate which pool is best for you, make sure there is enough room for the pool as well as adequate access around the perimeter.
The pump, filter and heater for above ground pools are usually located within five to ten feet of the pool so there needs to be room for them. Other considerations include: local zoning codes, placement of overhead electrical wires, and the location of underground utility lines.  Also, the ideal spot for your pool is in an area free from obstruction, away from tall trees and where it will receive maximum sunlight.

Factor #2: Design Round vs. Oval

Above ground pools are available in either round or oval shape. Their sizes range from a small and relaxing pool to one that is big enough to comfortably swim laps in. Round pools take up less space and they are self-supporting. Oval pools take up more room and require buttresses for structural support.

Factor #3: Materials Steel and Resin

Above ground pools are usually constructed from steel or a steel/resin combination because of their strength. Steel is heavier and provides a solid foundation for any above ground pool. High quality above ground pools have top rails and uprights made from sturdy, corrosion-free resin, that creates a long-lasting and durable framework. Combined with galvanized steel walls, the resin and steel combination can reinforce strength and extend the life of your above ground pool.

Factor #4: Accessories

There are several accessories designed to enhance your above ground pool experience and Pettis carries them all. Some of the more popular ones include a salt generation system designed specifically for above grounds, as well as heat pump options – including both gas and solar systems – to extend your swimming season, and fun fountains for your pool in the shape of a flower or featuring a light.  For those who prefer a chlorine-free swimming environment, we also proudly offer Baquacil. This chemical system is ideal for allowing you to have the most fun in your pool with the least amount of work!  Stop in to either store location for details on all that we offer.

April 2011 Pre-Season Above Ground Pool Special!

We are featuring one of our most popular above ground pools on special this month.
The TREVI 186
The Trevi 186 has superior quality resin top seats that are uniform all around. It is UV-protected against discoloration and has molecular memory to avoid warping. They’re also scratch-proof!
Trevi’s double uprights are uniquely designed for oval-shaped pools to ensure greater resistance against water pressure while remaining aesthetically pleasing. Made from galvanized steel, the bottom track guarantees a safer and sturdier pool.

$50 Gift Card for Our Blog Readers!
At Pettis Pools & Patio we believe in everyday low prices to offer our customers the best value. We can’t publish our super-low pool price here but we promise if you come into either of our stores you won’t be disappointed! Plus, as an added incentive to earn your business, mention you read this blog post and you’ll receive a $50 inflatable & toy gift card! Fun for the whole family! After all, that’s why you’re considering a pool in the first place, isn’t it?


  • Resin Top Seat
  • Steel uprights
  • Corrugated steel wall for greater sturdiness
  • Polymer wall coating to protect against corrosion and oxidation
  • Galvanized bottom track and top plate
  • Inground Style liner w/ tile border and print bottom
  • 150# Sand Filter w/ 1.5 HP Pump
  • Premium A-Frame Ladder or Drop-In Step
  • Automatic Chlorinator
  • Widemouth Skimmer
  • Complete Vacuum Package
  • Winter & Solar Cover Package

Trevi 186 Above Ground Pool-April, 2011 Special

Call John at our Greece location 585-392-7711 or call Jim at our East Rochester location 585-383-0700 to find out more about our special.