People look at a pool and a traditional spa and think, ‘a swim spa is the perfect in-between.’

Did you ever wish that you had your own private hot tub to relax in? Or that you had a swim lane all to yourself? A swim spa combines the best of both worlds and they are growing in popularity. Swim spas have been around for more than 15 years and people use them effectively for fitness, athletic training and even injury rehabilitation.

As people focus more on creating a home-based environment to meet many of their health and wellness needs, a swim spa is a flexible choice that allows for much more than just swimming against a current. It provides a low impact, full body workout and people use it to walk, jog, run, stretch, row, strength train and more. It allows those with back problems or arthritis to enjoy a work out—even a run, which their bodies can’t handle on the hard ground. Also, exercising in water—unlike land—offers resistance in all directions, providing roughly twice the workout in half the time.

Swim spas are also popular because their price point is much lower than a traditional inground pool—and they require significantly less space. A small backyard may not have space for a pool, but a small swim spa is only 12 feet in length. Yet, they are big enough to teach a child to swim—and they can function as a hot tub for hanging out and relaxing. People look at a pool and a traditional spa and think, ‘this is the perfect in-between.’
Swim spas are easier to maintain than a normal pool. You don’t need to vacuum it, backwash a filter, put in a ton of chemicals or use a lot of energy to run it. The smaller footprint makes it greener than a pool, too.
Installations have radically changed as well, only five years ago 95% of swim spas were installed inground, which was complicated. Today manufacturers have adapted their designs to create a more portable swim spa that is attractive above ground.
In general, people who purchase swim spas fall into one of three categories:

  1. Baby boomers who are interested in maintaining and improving their health
  2. Athletic-minded people who love the workout it provides right in their own backyard
  3. Those with health issues or injuries who require low-impact rehabilitation or strength training

At Pettis Pools & Patio, we offer several different models of swim spas to meet your needs.  Two models currently on display at our East Rochester location are:

Dimension One Swim Spa: Aquatic Fitness Systems

The AFS by Dimension One Spas is an amazing aquatic exercise machine—a virtual underwater gym! You can use it to swim laps, of course, or walk, jog, run, stretch, row, or strength train. It can be installed as an inground continuous swimming pool; or above ground like a portable hot tub. An AFS can even be installed inside an existing swimming pool as an energy-efficient alternative!

The AquaFit 16 carried by Pettis Pools & Patio

The AquaFit® 16
Equipped with 20 jets, 6 of which are high volume specifically for swimming. These are adjustable for both speed and pressure while providing lift as well as current. A swim lane keeps a person focused and in position while swimming. The non-slip surface ensures safety during workouts and is easy to grip. Plus pure, clean water year-round is easily achieved with the E-Z Lock filter cartridge and the on-board ozone purification system, allowing you to use fewer chemicals.
General Specifications:
Jets: 20—hydrotherapy, 6—high velocity jets for swimming
Dimensions: 192”L x 90.25”W x 52”H
Water Capacity: 1,700 Gallons
Weight: Dry – 2,400 / Full – 17,100 lbs
Estimated operating cost (monthly): $18.02

PowerPool by Maax Spas carried at Pettis Pools & Patio

Powerpool RS12
Designed for the aquatic fitness enthusiast, the RS12 is a space-effective PowerPool offering a complete array of aquatic fitness and hydrotherapy benefits. With 70 jets, 6 PowerSwim jets, balance bar rails and a PowerResistance kit, you can achieve a challenging, full body aquatic workout. Walk, jog or run against the PowerSwim jets for an aerobic workout or tone and define muscles using the PowerPool’s unique resistance training system.
Whether used to rehabilitate injuries, build muscle, lose weight or simply relax, the RS12 is the complete hydrotherapy and aquatic fitness solution.
General Specifications:
Jets: 75
Dimensions: 12’L x 7’ 6” W x 53”H
Water Capacity: 1,576 Gallons
Weight: Dry – 674 / Full – 6,629 lbs
Estimated operating cost (monthly): $19.20
We invite you to stop in today and take a look—or a swim—in person.