Maximize the Chlorine Efficiency of Your Pool

Stabilizer is sometimes called conditioner; but in either case, it refers to dry cyanuric acid. This is added to a pool to keep the chlorine from evaporating due to the ultra-violet rays of the sun.  If no stabilizer is added, you would use approximately 2X the amount of chlorine each day to maintain the proper levels!
Adding stabilizer to the water is like putting a big, protective umbrella over your whole pool.  The good news is that stabilizer usually has to be added just once to a pool each season. In fact, the only thing that makes it go away is diluting the pool with fresh, unstabilized tap water.
We sell granular and tablet chlorine that is stabilized. This means that a small amount of cyanuric acid is added already so it will keep replenishing the stabilizer that is lost through water evaporation, backwashing, or splash-out.
If you are dealing with a brand new pool, that pool will need to be stabilized right at the beginning because it would take too long to get up to the minimum level required using only tablets or granular. In addition, lots of the chlorine will be lost to the sun as you are trying to build up this level.
Liquid chlorine is not stabilized, and it is possible that the stabilizer level may need to be replenished as the season wears on. Always test for this before any additions are made. It is possible to have too much stabilizer in the pool.
Stabilizer is added by sprinkling it slowly into the skimmer with the filter running. Do not backwash for 48 hours after adding. This product is extremely slow-dissolving, and if the filter is backwashed too soon, it might be backwashed right out of the filter.

Clear, well-stabilized pool water

Stabilizer should only be added to a clear pool. If the pool is green or cloudy, deal with that issue first! If the pool is clear, but has no chlorine, then it is best to shock the pool first, wait at least an hour, and then add the stabilizer. It is recommended that you add stabilizer when there is a measurable amount of chlorine in the pool.
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