People are always looking for ways to make swimming pool maintenance simpler—and salt systems are an efficient way to do just that! They eliminate the need to lug chlorine jugs or buckets around or worry about storing them. Salt generators also do away with harsh chlorine odors and red eyes. They allow pool owners to generate their own chlorine at a constant, low-level that sanitizes the water while giving it a softer, silkier feeling. They increase pool ownership satisfaction by allowing for better water chemistry management, which prevents algae and virtually eliminates the need for chemical shocking. The process is simple and it is automatic because it takes place within your pool’s circulation system.

Auto Pilot Salt-Chlorine Generator

Why an AutoPilot Salt-Chlorine Generator?
AutoPilot is the technological leader in chlorine generation for swimming pools; they have been in business since 1976. They are the industry leaders and set the standard for dependability, features and performance. You can watch our video about it by clicking here.


  • Never buy chlorine again
  • Soft, silky feeling water
  • No more red eyes
  • No more itchy skin
  • No more green hair
  • No more vacation worries
  • No more faded swimwear
  • Energy efficient
  • Environmentally-friendly

Water Quality
With an AutoPilot you will no longer experience the discomfort and inconvenience of harsh chemical reactions like red eyes, green hair, itchy skin or faded swimwear. Because AutoPilot generates and delivers chlorine to your pool automatically, harsh chemical hassles disappear. A constant low chlorine level does not cause wide fluctuations of over-and-under chlorination so you drastically reduce the need to monitor, purchase, and add other balancing and maintenance chemicals.

Once you determine your optimum level of operation then you just hit the boost cycle to compensate for periods of extreme weather conditions or heavy bather load. Imagine…a perfect pool all the time! (And you never have to worry about pool maintenance while you are on vacation.)

It’s Natural
Salt is natural. It is also economical and widely available. Salt is environmentally-friendly and its conversion is energy efficient. A wonderful thing happens to the salt after it is turned into chlorine and does the work of sanitizing your pool water – it turns BACK INTO SALT Then the process begins all over again. The salt is at a much lower level than is found naturally in the body and even contact lens solution, so there is no ‘salty’ taste to the water.

Where does the AutoPilot go?
Our In-Line unit is plumbed into your pool’s circulation system and generates chlorine while the pool pump is running. The salt is poured directly into your pool water and dissolves quickly during circulation.

Pettis Pools & Patio carries two different models:
Our Digital Nano is a 110 volt only unit which comes with a 12’ cord.  It is suitable for Above Ground and small Inground Pools up to 22,000 gallons.
Our price with salt is $899.00.
Installation is $175.00
Electrical hookup is additional.

Our Autopilot SC48 with digital display is suitable for pools up to 40,000 gallons. This is a 220 volt electric model and a licensed electrician is needed.
Our price with salt is $1,699.00
Installation is $250.00
Electrical hookup is additional.

Our installation price includes FREE OPENING OR CLOSING, delivery & installation in Monroe County and materials.

Stop in to one of our stores today to find out more or give us a call at: Greece (585) 392-7711 or East Rochester (585) 383-0700.