We have had several people coming to look at our in-store saunas lately who are hoping to use it to help with their arthritis. They are hoping to use it to complement the traditional medicine they use to assist with pain relief.
The heat therapy in a sauna may provide:

  • Temporary relief from pain
  • Increased mobility
  • May assist in the detoxification of the body

When someone is taking arthritis medicine, the liver must work harder to rid the body of toxins from the medicine itself. A traditional sauna’s ability to produce sweat enhances the detoxifying capacity of the skin by opening pores and flushing impurities from the body.
Although no sauna can eliminate arthritis, an arthritic sauna bather will find that because of both a reduction in pain and increased mobility, they may be able to pursue a more active lifestyle than they had been able to previously. Through the ability to live a more active life, mood and mental health is likely to improve as well.
A study of the benefits of sauna bathing by Dr. H. Isomäki showed that the temporary pain relief was caused by an increase in the release of natural body substances (such as cortisol) that act as pain killers. There was also increased mobility in more than 50% of participants.  This occurred because tissues are largely comprised of collagen (tendons, fasciae, and articular capsules) become more flexible when exposed to higher temperatures.
If you suffer from arthritis, ask your doctor about including heat bathing as part of your health regimen. For more information on traditional or far-infrared saunas or a combination InfraSauna, stop in at our East Rochester location, where you can view the different types in person.