Unique jet areas focus on the body’s “trouble-spots”

MAAX Spas Zones

MAAX Spas Zones

At Pettis Pools & Patio, we think one of the most outstanding features of the MAAX Spas that we carry is the Zone Therapy™ inside. MAAX Spas worked hand-in-hand with physicians to determine the 6 areas where the body holds the most tension and stress. The resulting “zones” focus on diminishing the stresses of everyday life, aiding in the healing of a sports injury, or relieving aching joints and stiff muscles.

It is not the number of jets that make a more effective massage; it is their precise locations and correct sizes that are most important. Each zone treats a specific pain area by targeting the muscular trigger points located there. Let’s take a closer look at the zones that MAAX Spas and the physicians identified and developed.

Zone 1: Suboccipital:

The trigger points are in the area where the neck meets the back of the head. This is a common cause of headaches.

Zone 2: Trapezius:

These trigger points can contribute to pain across the shoulders and upper back.  Using an array of jets target these sensitive areas, provides an improvement in blood circulation and dissolves tension.

Zone 3: Paraspinal:

Increased tension in the back muscles on either side of the spine can be linked to many medical conditions.  MAX Spas boasts an effective combination of jets to provide soothing stimulation for body relaxation.

Zone 4: Lumbosacral:

This zone focuses on aching lower back pain. Back pain is linked to excess tension in muscular trigger points in the lower back.  The jets swirling motion provides an invigorating massage to the lower back and loosens your tension and knots to bring relaxing relief.

Zone 5: Gluteal:

So many of us sit all day and this can lead to increased tension in muscular trigger points surrounding the hips and upper thighs. Utilizing jets positioned at the sides of the seat brings a stimulating massage to dissolve tension in these muscles.

Zone 6: Foot Relief Zone™:

Many important nerve endings in the feet connect to all parts of your body. When feet are sore and tired, it affects how we feel all over.
The Foot Relief Zone™ targets both upper and lower parts of the feet with invigorating streams of water that provide relaxation and a “spa for your feet.”
Sound nice, doesn’t it? This is just a highlight of several MAAX Spa innovations. To really appreciate these beautiful spas and learn what a difference they can make in your life, stop in to either one of our locations. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the line and help you choose that just-perfect model. We even offer free “wet-testing” so you can enjoy the MAAX experience first-hand before you make your investment.