Get the jump on maintenance for a great season

Spring Pool Maintenance

Spring Pool Maintenance

Spring has actually been in the (Rochester) air this year and we bet you are anxious to pull off your pool cover and make a splash! Here is a round up of springtime care practices that are different than summertime care. Taking time now will result in clean, clear water all summer.

Inspect and Repair

During the early season, it is the perfect time to get back to those few tasks you didn’t quite get to last season or those that surfaced during the winter. Look for surface stains to scrub and remove as well as stocking up on pool care products (algaecides, test strips, brushes, nets). Review your equipment and make sure nothing needs repair or replacement. Check how equipment is running and be on the lookout for leaks or undue wear. In addition, now is a great time to book aesthetic improvements before the peak-season rush.

Pool Heating

Because of the day and night temperature differences, you may worry if there is a cold night and your pool is already open. As long as your water is circulating your pipe should not freeze. It is much more difficult for pipes to freeze when the water is moving.

Determine Your Chemical Needs

Spring is the perfect time to establish your pool care routine. Because of the cooler temperatures, the frequency of various maintenance tasks is lower than during summer. It’s a good time to make sure you are comfortable with all the chemical needs your pool requires. If you aren’t certain, stop in or give us a call—that’s what we’re here for! Don’t forget to adjust if you have fewer swimmers and make sure you use a stain control agent, clarifying agent, sanitizer and algaecide to keep water sparkling clean.

By taking the time early in the season, you’ll have everything ready for a season of fun in the pool! Don’t forget to stop in for Pool Opening Kits, Chemical Value Packs, Informational Handouts and Free Advice so we can help you get up and running.