Maintaining your pool over the winter makes for an easier opening in Spring

A pool cover for winter is important because it keeps leaves and debris and curious critters from entering the pool and prevents sunlight from stimulating algae growth. Here are several important steps you should take in order to ensure it survives the winter. Whether you have an inground or aboveground pool taking a few minutes of preparation helps your pool cover survive the winter months.

Be Secure

Rain, snow or wind can damage your pool cover and it is important to make sure the winter cover is in place and protecting your swimming pool.

Above ground pool checklist:

  • Check the pool cover for any rips and tears in need of repair.
  • Is your heavy-duty air pillow inflated and holding up your cover? Don’t inflate it all the way however as you want to leave some room for ice to push against it without puncturing it. Center it with ropes but again, leave slack in the ropes to allow for some movement.
  • Is your cover cable tightened?
  • Are your cover clips or winter seal wrap secure?
  • Are the cover wall bags holding your pool cover in place?

 In-ground pool checklist:

  • Make sure the cover is being held in place by water blocks or water bags.
  • If you have a safety cover, make sure all the pieces are holding securely. Replace any broken or missing parts.
  • If you use water tubes fill them and insert them on top of the pool liner. Be sure there are no leaks and only fill water tubes to about 85 percent capacity.
Winterized pool with air pillow

Winterized pool with air pillow

Remove leaves and debris
Eliminating sources of debris will prevent your pool cover from being ripped, torn, or otherwise damaged during the winter months. Wet leaves can be very heavy and weigh your pool cover down. If you have a leaf net be sure to dispose of leaves that have collected.

It’s also important to keep the accumulated water on top of the pool cover to a minimum when possible. We recommend periodic draining of excessive water whenever the weather allows. A little bit of water on top of the cover actually helps hold it down but a lot of water puts too much strain on the cover and can permanently damage your cover.

If you have any questions, contact Pettis Pools & Patio and we’ll be happy to help!