The next time you find yourself ready to step into a hot tub at a hotel, resort or gym, keep these safety tips in mind so you are sure the tub is safe and clean. More than half of the public hot tub spas in the U.S. may be unsafe, according to a report from the CDC. Researchers found 57% of the more than 5,000 public hot tub inspections across the U.S. had one or more safety violations. Spas located at campgrounds and hotels or motels were the biggest offenders.
Use your senses to check out the hot tub:
Sight: The water should be clear, clean and blue.
Touch: The interior of the tub should feel smooth and clean, not slimy.
Smell: Make sure there are no strong odors (funky, dank or acrid).
Listen: Do you hear cleaning equipment running?
Other clues you should avoid a hot tub include: mounds of foam, damaged or missing drain covers, and no staffer certified in pool & spa operation. You can also pick up a bottle of test strips from us to take with you on your trip. Give the water a quick test to determine if it is safe to enter. Let us know if you have any other questions!