Taking a break and slipping into a hot tub can’t be beat! The warm water soothes your tired muscles and nerves and your mind unwinds. Studies show the benefits of warm-water immersion extend far beyond just relaxing at home. This type of therapy is popular in aquatic facilities and has strong research support when it comes to easing joint discomfort, promoting better sleep and muscle relaxation.
“The effects of aquatic immersion are profound, and impact virtually every body system,” said Dr. Bruce Becker, director of the National Aquatic & Sports Medicine Institute at Washington State University.
Dr. Becker’s research has been instrumental in understanding the crucial benefit of warm-water immersion – balancing the autonomic nervous system – an effect that seems to be at the core of a variety of benefits. This system helps individuals adapt to changes in the environment and affects vital functions, such as heart rate, digestion and respiration. The sympathetic nervous system, which reacts to stress, and the parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes calm, ideally strive to be in balance. This is where a hot tub is important because you get a meaningful autonomic response in a period longer than ten minutes. In fact, longer periods in the bubbly water can lead to more relaxation—just don’t stay so long you turn into a fish!
“All our subjects saw a drop in blood pressure and an increase in circulation,” said Dr. Becker.
Let the Water Do the Work
Just being in water creates buoyancy while hydrostatic pressure decreases pain.
It also increases circulation by assisting the heart and decreasing blood pooling in extremities.
Water also provides excellent resistance for toning exercises. The higher viscosity of water makes muscles work harder when compared to doing the same exercises on land.
The physical benefits of aquatic therapy are incredible—and so are the psychosocial benefits. Being in water can reduce stress and anxiety, increase one’s ability to concentrate, enhance a feeling of well-being and confidence, and allow a person in pain to find their center of calm.
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It’s time to get your Warm Water Wellness On!

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