As the New Year begins many people use this time to focus on making positive changes in their lives. Did you know a hot tub can help you out with a wide variety of your goals? Let’s take a peek…

Family time

Family time

  1. Lose Weight.  You’ll lose water weight through sweating, but you’ll need to replenish by drinking more water—which helps you feel full and eat less. In addition, your metabolism will be working faster and the improved blood circulation will help with digestion. Booyah!


  1. Work Out. You can do anything from gentle stretches to yoga to a more advanced routine in your hot tub. The water’s buoyancy puts less stress on your joints and the water’s resistance works your muscles.


  1. De-stress. Stress relief is one of the top reasons our customers tell us they purchased a hot tub. Just taking time out for yourself is de-stressing—doing it in a warm, relaxing spa is even better!


  1. Be mindful. Taking time to savor being in your spa can generate a meditation-like state. Set the mood with low lighting, add aromatherapy or light a candle—whatever you prefer! Focus on your body and breath and get in touch with your body-bit by bit.


  1. Family time. Family fun is the number one reason our customers purchase their spas! Everybody has busy schedules but you’ll be amazed at how close and relaxed you are when you hang out in the spa together. It’s a great chance to have conversations or just enjoy being with one another.

We hope you’ll take some of these ideas to heart and let a hot tub or spa improve your whole year. Stop in at Pettis Pools & Patio and learn more today!