Game day. It’s a pretty big tradition, right? You invite your friends over, share the snacks and drinks all around, and settle into your living room or man cave to watch the game on your big screen.
So far as traditions go, it’s pretty darn good.
But what if we told you we could make it even better? Shake things up? Take that game-day party to a whole new level?
Intrigued? Wonderful. Here it is:

Game day, from your hot tub.  

Yep. Really! All you have to do is invite your friends over like you always do, but this time tell them to bring their swimsuits and towels.
It’s easy to set up. If you don’t already have an outdoor TV, just use some extension cords to move a TV outdoors (or right up to a window) for the day. No one will miss a minute of the action, and you’ll all appreciate the fresh air, soothing warm water and powerful spa jets.
If you take the party outside, you’ll also have more space. If you tend to invite a crowd – or if they tend to get a little rowdy, more space is always a good thing.
Moving some of the action outdoors also helps with cleanup. Someone spilled their drink? No problem! Broken chips and crumbled cookies? Who cares! Use disposable plates and cups, and you’ll have even less to worry about.
There’s one other benefit of watching the game from your hot tub that can’t be overstated. That warm water and those massaging jets are incredibly relaxing … especially when your team isn’t playing their best. It’s OK. It happens to all of us. And when it happens to you, all you have to do is ease your head back, shut your eyes, and let your frustrations drift away.

Sounds pretty good, right? And if you don’t have a hot tub, stop by a showroom to choose the model that’s perfect for you and all your game day adventures.