It’s just the truth. Having a cold is downright miserable. Your nose is stuffy. And then it’s runny. You have a headache and a cough. You’re tired and achy. Your throat hurts and you just feel crummy. You want to feel better. But your whole life all you’ve been able to do is take some cold medicine and ride it out.
Not anymore, though.

The secret is in your sauna

To be fair, it’s not “new.” People have known the benefits of sauna for thousands of years. But now science has proven what many of us have always suspected – using a sauna can reduce cold symptoms, and possibly reduce your chances of contracting a cold in the first place.
You probably already know saunas are recommended for people with arthritis, chronic fatigue, asthma and more. Research now suggests the heat in a sauna may ease cold symptoms for a couple of reasons:

  • The heat improves drainage (much like a hot bowl of soup or mug of tea)
  • The high temps weaken cold and flu viruses.

The research isn’t clear how this helps KEEP you from getting sick, but studies have shown the connection.
Plus, using the sauna just feels great. It eases your stress by helping you relax. It soothes muscle and joint aches and pains. It cleanses the skin, flushes toxins, burns calories and can help induce a deeper sleep.
If you don’t yet have a sauna in your home, contact us. Let’s talk about the differences between traditional and far-infrared saunas, and whether one of Finnleo’s designed saunas or a custom sauna makes the most sense for you. Finnleo saunas can be installed almost anywhere in your home – a master bath, a basement, an exercise room, etc. Finnleo also produces freestanding outdoor models for a true Finnish sauna experience!