The creative pro talks about trends, inspiration, and what she loves most about her job.

I was reading an article in Pool & Spa News written by freelance writer Rena Goldman that focused on several vinyl liner designers and where they get their inspiration. It caught my eye because one of the designers featured is at Loop-Loc, one of our preferred liner vendors and also the supplier of our mesh safety winter covers.
Here is the partial excerpt from the article:
Vinyl pool liners have been an industry staple for decades. Thousands of patterns are created and produced, and behind each one is a designer with a story. While builders focus on customers, liner designers strive to make products people want in their backyards.
Liner design can be particularly challenging because there’s a simultaneous need to create something fresh that will also stand the test of time. The fact that it will be covered by water is also a major factor when it comes to selecting colorways and patterns. Designers must have their fingers on the pulse of color and texture trends, and search for inspiration wherever they go.
PSN sat down with the people responsible for liners as we know them. Each interviewee is either an exclusive liner designer or works very heavily to commission and create proprietary designs for their firm.

LeeAnn Donaton-Pesta, President/CEO of Loop-Loc



Before becoming a CEO, LeeAnn Donaton-Pesta worked in the fashion world. Just out of college she worked as a dress designer, and she spent some time in the bridal industry as a buyer.
When her father asked her to join Loop-Loc, she brought some of that experience with her. Donaton-Pesta started focusing on exclusive designs in the firm’s second year of manufacturing liners because she felt some of the stock patterns were outdated.
She looks for inspiration everywhere, whether it’s flipping through a magazine or examining a particular fabric. When working on exclusive designs, she does her research — looking at everything from trending colors, interior design and backyard décor, to a uniquely patterned tile.
Favorite pattern: Bella Vista
With this pattern (above), Donaton-Pesta wanted to show how a liner pattern can shine without a tile border. It won Loop-Loc’s first of five first place Golden Cylinder Awards from the Gravure Association of the Americas.
Favorite thing about the job:
“I can express the creative side of me,” Donaton-Pesta says.