American Whirlpool Hot Tub soaks are wonderful all year long! Summertime is no exception.
Here are some of our favorite ways to enjoy these awesome hot tubs during the summer months:

Early Bird Soaks

Are you a morning person? Well, you might want to become a morning person if you incorporate your hot tub into your morning routine. Here’s how:
We suggest planning to get up about an hour before sunrise (or earlier if you go to work before sunrise!).
Get your coffee prepped in the evening so that all you have to do is hit “brew” after you roll out of bed.
Get into your hot tub attire and start the day with coffee and a hydrotherapy massage as you watch the sunrise in your hot tub!
This is a great Zen way to start the day and leads to less stress, more productivity, and a more positive attitude.

Mid Day Massage

Don’t sweat the heat. Turn the temp down or the heat off, grab a wide-brimmed hat, some sunglasses, some water, and treat yourself to a hot tub jet massage! Consider setting up an umbrella, a gazebo, or an awning if you don’t dig that direct sunlight! Just remember to stay hydrated. If you’re fortunate enough to also have a swimming pool, jumping between the pool and the hot tub is not only fun but works your cardiovascular system for added benefit.

Late Night Libations In Your Hot Tub

After a fun, but long day in the summer sun, head out to your back patio, turn on those spa lights and jets, and settle into the warm water with a cold drink. With the sun down and the stars up, you’ll enjoy that soothing massage and being caressed by the warm water. What’s more, you’ll be preparing your body for a deep and rejuvenating sleep.
It may have been years since your last “Summer Vacation,” but beginning and ending these long, summer days in your hot tub will make you feel like you’re on vacation.
We guarantee that you’ll fall in love with your hot tub all over again.