You’ve made the decision to turn your backyard into an aquatic oasis, and now it is time to start planning! Purchasing and installing a swimming pool can be one of the most rewarding home improvements for you and your family. Say hello to a healthy lifestyle, endless backyard fun, and long-lasting memories with your new swimming pool. Now, let’s start planning!
First Things First: Make a Plan
Before your swimming pool is installed, it’s important to take a variety of different things into consideration and make a plan. Important factors to consider prior to having your pool installed are: determining who is going to be using the pool, how long you expect to live in your current home, and what your budget is for the pool. Establishing the estimated start and finish dates is also helpful, as well as planning landscape ideas. Dive into local home and garden magazines or jump on the internet to find inspirational photos of backyards you admire. You can also visit our website to see our in-ground and above ground galleries, or visit our Pinterest page for additional ideas. Once you’ve found the right pool, it’s time to make your vision a reality!
Location matters
Choosing the best location in your backyard is one of the most important steps in preparing for your pool installation. Soaking up the sun is what summer is all about, so determining the orientation of the pool and the sun is essential. Not only will the sun benefit you and your tan, but it will also help naturally heat your pool! Be sure to think about the main water lines below, the power lines above, septic systems, local regulations, and existing structures like sheds, patios, footpaths, and gazebos as well. After you have taken all things into consideration, determine how large the pool will actually be. This will help you determine if there are any trees, structures, or pipes in the way. Metal stakes and string are a great and easy way to measure out the preferred size of your pool.

Keep Installation Time In Mind
Once you have chosen the perfect spot and whether you are installing an above ground or in-ground pool, it’s time to prepare for delivery and installation day! Make sure your backyard is free of any clutter such as rocks and sticks, the grass is cut, and any vehicles are removed from the driveway to make things easier on the delivery crew. Depending on if it is an above ground or in-ground pool, the installation process may take a few weeks so planning is essential in making the process go smoothly.
Above Ground pools go up relatively quickly. The majority of the above ground pool is built in a few hours. The installer will need to come back in a day or two to complete the installation after the pool is almost filled with water. Inground pools are a larger construction project and involve several different subcontractors, resulting in a longer installation time. A Foxx vinyl liner pool typically takes 2-3 weeks to build before patios, fencing and landscaping can start. If your dream inground pool involves unique water features or complex add-ons it might take a little longer. Weather conditions play a major role with installation timeframes. Rain, cold temperatures, and windy conditions can seriously delay any construction project, especially swimming pools.
Finishing Touches: Yard décor!
Once your new beautiful pool is in its new home, it’s time for everything else to sparkle as well. Toss away the old toys and rusty furniture and give your backyard the upgrade it deserves. Adding bright flowers, freshening the paint or stain on the deck, hanging string lights around the yard, and investing in patio furniture are great and affordable ways to freshen up your backyard!
Summertime is the best time to create long-lasting memories accompanied by the smell of BBQs, bonfires, longer nights, and pool parties. Thanks to your new pool, your backyard can be the hangout spot for the summer. Firepits, sound systems, and exterior lighting can accentuate your pool and create the perfect place to relax or get together with family and friends.

Budgeting for ongoing costs
Owning a pool does come with yearly costs, but is worth every penny. Keeping your pool water crystal clear and budgeting the costs of opening, closing, and cleaning is important. When deciding on what care products to use for your pool, consider that all chemicals are not created equal. Chemicals from big box stores, used repeatedly, tend to shorten the lifespan of pools.  This process of proper care for your pool will protect your investment for years to come.
Are you ready to make your backyard dreams a reality? Pettis Pools & Patio can help! We have everything you need to get you splashing in no time, including above-ground and in-ground pools, pool cleaning supplies, and patio furniture in Rochester, NY. Contact us today to learn more!