Enjoying a hot tub is the perfect year-round activity. Think of it as a personal spa that provides instant relaxation and happiness in the comfort of your own home. Make the most of your hot tub by keeping the temperature down in the Summer, but the relaxation up, creating what we call a “Spool!”

 What is a Spool?

When you blend the words ‘pool’ and ‘spa’ together you get a spool. A spool can fit indoors as well as outdoors and the water temperature can be adjusted depending on the season. It provides features similar to a swimming pool while having the benefits of a hot tub. You can use it to cool yourself off in the summertime heat, or warm yourself up during the cold months of winter.

Spools also benefit your wallet! Say hello to saving money on chemicals, maintenance costs, and time because spools are much smaller than pools. If you are seeking the perfect place for a workout, leisure, personal healing, or a new entertainment spot, a spool could be the best destination for you.


Too hot for hot water? No problem! Follow these steps for a cool tub

Turning your hot tub into a cool tub is quick and easy! It is as simple as turning your heater off. The temperature of the water will quickly drop as soon as you take the cover off and keep the jets running. Hot tubs are insulated, so to ensure the water stays cool, keep the cover on to keep the summer sunshine out and keep the cool temperatures in. Now your family has a cool fun space to hang out or to relax! It’s like having your own personal pool!

At Pettis, we’re proud to specialize in products that help you get away every day and provide real value for your money. Are you interested in adding a hot tub to your home? Feel free to contact us! We’re happy to help you with any questions you may have!