With a long stretch of winter ahead of us before summer and pool parties roll around, now is the perfect time to throw a hot tub party! Hot tub parties are not only great for socializing and entertaining but are also a perfect way to get outdoors with your friends and family during the winter months! We’ve put together some ideas to help you be the host with the most this winter.
When determining your guest list, it’s important to be mindful of your hot tub’s capacity. If your hot tub holds 6 people and you want to invite 10, plan to have other activities for those extra guests. Make sure to review the capacity of your hot tub and invite accordingly. Remind your guests to bring swimsuits and plenty of towels. Flip-flops and easy off sandals are a great idea too.
Clean and Maintain
Be prepared for your party with a clean hot tub! The best way to prepare for your hot tub party is to make sure you have a clean, balanced hot tub ready for your guests. At Pettis Pools, we have the products you need to keep your water clear and inviting. Stop by for a free water test analysis to make sure the water is perfectly balanced for sanitation and bather comfort.  Consider using Hot Tub Serum to get your hot tub in peak shape and sparkling clean.
Snacks & Drinks
No party is complete without refreshments! You can plan your snacks and beverages around the time of the party, if its right in the middle of dinner time you should consider providing more filling snacks or even a meal. You must also keep in mind it’s important to offer hydrating beverages to your guests; remember it’s easy to become dehydrated when soaking in your hot tub. Pettis offers a full line of acrylic glassware that is safe for use in and around the hot tub.  Beverage Floats, floating drink-holders, are a fun addition to any hot tub party.  https://bigmouthinc.com/collections/beverage-boats/products/tropical-fruits-beverage-boats
Set the ambiance of the party with some fun music. Pre-make a playlist so you don’t have to worry about picking songs during the party. You can even request songs from your guests before the party to have a collaborative and fun playlist.
Keep the party going with more games and activities in addition to your hot tub! This is especially important if you plan on inviting more people than the capacity of your hot tub. Some food, games, and activities outside of your hot tub can make your party last and ensure everyone will have a great time!  Put a tv up to and facing out a nearby window so your guests can watch the game while in the hot tub. 
Even the best planners sometimes forget things! Make sure to set aside some extra towels and swimsuits for those guests that came to the party ill-prepared. The last thing you want to happen is for a guest to leave the party because they forgot something.
Pettis Pools & Patio is here to help with all of your hot tub party needs. We have the hot tubs, chemicals, and hot tub accessories you need to be the party host of the winter. Feel free to visit one of our locations or contact us today to find out more.