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Rochester winters give you a deeper appreciation of nice weather and a desire to make the most of it. April is the best time to prepare, so when the weather changes, you’re ready to take it outside. Your outdoor space should be considered as another room in your house, and just like decorating any room of your home, you need to decide what is the primary use of this room. Are there secondary uses? What design style do you envision for this room? What is the color scheme? Do other spaces influence this space, such as separate rooms that lead into this space? What are the appropriate materials?
Living room, dining room, entertaining space, or all the above?
Your outdoor room can become any function you desire.
Do you plan on dining al fresco this summer? Nothing is better than gathering around a dining table to share food and reconnect with the family.
Outdoor dining is the most popular use of outdoor spaces, especially those off kitchens. Obviously, you will need a dining table. What shape table works best in that space? Is the patio rectangular or narrow? If so, focus on rectangular or oval tables.
Dining tables come in round or hexagon, which work perfectly on round patios or polygonal decks (Hexagons, Octagons, etc.). How many people do you need to sit? Do you entertain regularly or only once in a while? Dining sets seat between 4 and 8 people typically. What is the standard number for your family and guests? If that number changes, there are some creative ways to make sure everyone has a seat. Many patio tables are now available as extension tables very much like your inside dining table. Some go from seating 4 up to 10 people and store their leaves within themselves. Some people choose a rectangular or oval table and only keep four chairs at the table until company comes over. When additional guests arrive, gather other seats from matching balcony or café sets that might be in different outdoor spaces.
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Outdoor living rooms are a great way to relax. Many outdoor sofas are more comfortable than indoor sofas these days. They have extra thick cushions and deep seating. The possibilities are endless when it comes to fabrics, shapes, and sizes for outdoor living room furniture.
There are sofas, sectionals, loveseats, gliders, ottomans, swivel rockers, and more to choose from to create the perfect living room. Add a firepit or firepit-table and extend your entertaining into the night and through autumn.
Many firepit-tables are higher than a coffee table, chat-height. Chat height tables are double duty. They can be for dining or cocktails. There are many mixed-use sets that take full advantage of a space.
Small spaces have more choices than ever for outdoor furniture.
Café sets are typically two chairs and a small dining height table, perfect for coffee for two. If the small space is more for relaxing, two deep-seating chairs with a side table are a great option. Nothing is more relaxing than a loveseat glider, someone special and a glass of wine. Balcony sets or bar sets are a great way to enjoy the outdoors and the view. These types of groupings elevate you so, you can see over hand railings or bushes. They are also a great choice next to hot tubs. Now, you can carry on conversations with bathers or keep an eye on children.
Nothing is more iconic than a swimming pool lined by chaise lounges. The most popular chaises for the pool area are sling chaises. Rather than a cushion, quick-drying material is stretched between the frame. They are similar to strap chaises, but most people find them more comfortable.
Depending on preference and proximity, you can choose chaises to match or coordinate with the rest of your outdoor space. You can also create an entirely different vibe by introducing a new style or color at the pool.
The materials best suited for outdoor use are going to be aluminum, teak, polymer, solution-dyed fabric, and man-made wickers. These materials hold up in wet surroundings and sunny areas as well. Our manufacturers offer and stand behind their warranties.
Aluminum furniture manufacturers have developed ways to make their products look like wood or other materials while still offering no maintenance and durability. It is important to insist when looking at outdoor wicker furniture that the frame is made of aluminum. The frame is the super-structure and will determine how long your wicker set will last.
Steel is used in much lower-priced outdoor furniture because it is significantly less expensive than aluminum. It is a poor choice for outdoor use because it can rust, staining the surface it is sitting on,  and weaken and break. Polyester is not a substitute for a solution-dyed material such as olefin or acrylic. Polyester is a man-made material, but it rips and fades with outdoor use.
You truly get what you pay for with outdoor furniture.
The difference is 2-3 years of use versus decades of enjoyment. Our buyers always insist on the highest quality outdoor materials since they offer years of use, which is a better value. We stand behind all our products providing replacement parts, touch-up paints, and warranty assistance. Let our outdoor living experts help you create the perfect outdoor room for you and your family. Remember if its Patio, its Pettis.