You don’t have to go far to make the most of your summer days. Create fun memories that last a lifetime without the long travel times! Here are some activities you can enjoy with the whole family this year without having to leave your backyard—

Recreate Your Ideal Vacation Destination

Unable to make it to your favorite vacation destination this year? Why not bring all of your favorite vacation elements to a themed family party! Consider a beach theme complete with
tropical fruity drinks, fun music, tiki torches, and grilled pineapple! Or take it international and escape to Italy with a homemade pizza party on the patio and lemon sorbet by the pool.
pizza by the pooldrink by the pool
Pettis has all of your pool care needs to get your pool ready for tropical beach-like waters and an endless inventory of stylish patio sets to make your outdoor dining dreams a reality. Think of your ultimate vacation destination and transform your backyard this summer!

Outdoor Movie Nights

Change up movie night an
d bring them outdoors! Hook up a TV outside or use a projector and drape a sheet on the side of the house. The whole family can watch their favorite family movie while enjoying a relaxing dip in your hot tub, lounging under the stars on your patio set, or making s’mores by the fire as a late-night snack!

Build A Backyard Obstacle Course

It can be hard to break up the
monotony in the summer, especially when travel is restricted. Creating a fun and interactive space in your backyard will get the whole family excited! You can build an obstacle course using all sorts of elements already present in your area— use pool floaties to create obstacles to run ar
ound; pool noodles make great tunnels to crawl under or hurdles to jump. You can incorporate water on those hotter days by creating a slip and slide out of a tarp and sprinkler or ending your course with a dive in the pool.
Your family will have so much fun competing for the title of the Ultimate Backyard playing in the yard
Plan A Backyard Picnic
Mealtimes in the summer are usually quick and on-the-go, but this year we are all running at a much slower pace. Planning a family backyard picnic is a fun way to change your routine and set aside some much-needed family time. Layout a blanket or even create a fort using old bedsheets and enjoy your lunch together in a new way!
Vacation is a state of mind, and Pettis is here to help transport you there! Contact us today for help creating your ultimate staycation destination!