Plans change, but that doesn’t mean you can’t invest in some much-needed relaxation and recharging this summer! Take those vacation funds and create your very own spa resort right in your backyard. What’s even better than a short trip to a spa is a spa you can access all year long! Here are just some elements you can incorporate to make the most of your outdoor space—
Set the Scene
You don’t need a lot to transition your backyard set-up to a resort-style retreat! Add in some comfortable seating like a chaise lounge under an umbrella, or work in some mood lighting with simple white string lights. Set the mood, and your mindset will follow! Grab your favorite book, unplug from the world, and enjoy your serene surroundings.

Unwind in a New Sauna
No resort is complete without a relaxing sauna experience. Not only do saunas give you the space to unwind and recharge, but they also allow your body to rid itself of toxins, improve cardiovascular performance and boost your immune system. Not to mention they feel great!

Saunas will also give you that fresh-from-vacation glow as heat bathing is one of the oldest beauty regimens around. It provides your skin a deep clean, improves capillary circulation, and increases collagen production!
 Take Relaxation to the Max with a Hot Tub
Make your staycation all about getting more of the “me time” you deserve. A hot tub boosts your mood and provides the perfect space to relax while enjoying all the benefits of hydrotherapy. Set aside some time for yourself, enjoy your favorite cold beverage, and be instantly transported to your personal oasis.

At Pettis, we are here to help you get creative and invest in your backyard retreat! Vacation is a state of mind, and Pettis Pools is ready to take you there. Contact our dedicated team today!