Are you thinking about creating the backyard of your dreams but have a few questions first? Not to worry! As the leading hot tub experts in the western New York area, we get asked all kinds of hot tub questions, here are the answers to a few of our most frequently asked ones.
1. How Do You Maintain A Hot Tub?
Maintaining a hot tub might seem like a daunting task, but your cleaning routine can be a breeze with the right tools. One of the most critical parts of a hot tub to clean and maintain is the filter. A clean hot tub filter can not only provide a better soaking experience but also can help to reduce energy costs. We offer multiple products that will help a filter perform the way it should, including the BAQUA SPA® Spray & Rinse Filter Cleaner and BAQUA SPA® Filter Cleaner.
An often-overlooked area when it comes to proper hot tub care is the hot tub cover. If not cared for properly, a hot tub cover can grow mildew and smell musty. Luckily all of this can be avoided with a quick cleaning mixture of 9 parts water to 1-part bleach used every 6 months or so.
2. How Do I Keep My Energy Bill Down With A Hot Tub?
Energy bills are one of the biggest concerns customers have when buying a hot tub. The good news is, a hot tub doesn’t have to break the bank! We’ve got some tips to help lower the energy bill all year round.

Use A Floating Spa Solar Cover

One of the easiest ways to save money on your energy bill is to invest in a floating spa cover. This additional cover acts as a double-insulating blanket, trapping in heat and ultimately reducing heating costs.

Close the Air Jets

Air can introduce a whole new massage experience to a hot tub. But it also brings in outside air, which can reduce the water temperature. We advise turning the air toggles off while not using the hot tub to reduce hot tub running costs.

Clean Your Filter

If a hot tub filter is dirty and clogged, the filtration will have poor water flow and will have to work twice as hard to stay clean. It’s suggested to rinse a hot tub filter weekly with a deep clean every three months.

Lower the Thermostat
Turning down the heat might seem like the last thing you would want to do. But lowering the temperature by only one degree can save you approximately 10% on a hot tub energy bill.

3. Do Hot Tubs Offer Any Health Benefits?
One of our favorite things about hot tubs is the amazing health benefits they have! Some benefits are obvious like stress relief or joint pain relief, but others are less obvious like sleep enhancement and hydrotherapy. Here’s how a hot tub can benefit your health:

Stress Relief: Everyday stress builds up tension in the body’s muscles, but a soak in the hot tub can help your muscles relax, resulting in increased energy and a clearer mind.

Better Night’s Rest: With more than 60% of adults reporting trouble with sleep, a soaking ritual in a warm hot tub can relax the body and soothe the mind, making it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night.

Joint Pain Relief: Heated water can help loosen stiff joints and ease the pain that arthritis sufferers face. It can also decrease the discomfort caused by osteoarthritis.

Hydrotherapy: Effective hot water therapy is amazing for pain relief and cardiovascular health. A dip in a hot tub can help strengthen the heart, reduce coronary disease, and lower blood pressure.

4. Are There Any Less Expensive Alternatives To Hot Tubs?
If traditional hot tubs seem too far out of your price range, we have a fantastic alternative that can have you relaxing in a matter of hours. Our Softub selection is an affordable alternative to a traditional hot tub and is extremely portable. This lightweight full-featured portable hot tub weighs in at less than 90 pounds and can be used indoors or outdoors. This energy-efficient alternative to a traditional hot tub heats without a heater, costing only pennies a day, saving you more on energy bills. In addition, they plug into any dedicated 110v, 15 amp outlet saving you money by not needing to hire an electrician to run a 220v line.
5. How Do I Find The Perfect Hot Tub For Me?
If you are unsure of the perfect hot tub model for your style and space, visit one of our showrooms today, and we will show you the wide variety of traditional hot tubs and Softubs that could work for your family.
Whatever questions you have about hot tubs, our dedicated team of experts is here to answer them! Feel free to contact us today or visit our showroom to browse options.


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