A hot tub from Pettis Pools will turn your backyard into a relaxing oasis. To keep that oasis as pristine as it was on the first day, we recommend using O-Care Spa Water Care. O-Care will remove and prevent sediment build-up making the water extremely soft and crystal clear. 

The removal and prevention of sediment build-up allow sanitizers and other chemicals to be much more effective. When sanitizers are not negotiating internal contamination, they don’t risk getting caught up in the sediment and they are able to work to their full potential. Sediment contains nutrients that can become a food source for bacteria. Removing this food source will help prevent internal contamination. A clean hot tub requires fewer chemicals to maintain clean, clear, and sanitary water.

Filtration accounts for 50% of the water’s sanitation and it is often overlooked. Since O-Care takes out the sediment which is trapped by the filter, you will need to rinse your filters more frequently. This means the water has less particulate floating in your hot tub with you.

Less contamination and sediment also mean that your main components, such as pumps, heaters, ozonators, jets, or blowers will last longer. O-Care protects you and your investment.

The high-quality mixture of minerals will make the water much softer and crystal clean. Soft water in conjunction with fewer chemicals will make it great for sensitive skin types.

What can you expect by integrating O-Care into your hot tub cleaning routine? 

1. Removal and prevention of sediment build-up. O-Care protects your hot tub against sediment build-up within the plumbing and equipment allowing the spa chemicals to work at their full potential at lower levels.

2. Reduction in the number of chemicals needed. A clean hot tub allows chemicals to be more effective, reducing the amount needed. O-Care can reduce the amount of chlorine or bromine needed up to 78 percent! 

3. Soft and odorless water. You will enjoy soft and odorless water thanks to O-Care. 

4. Decrease of component wear. Reducing sediment Build-up on components will increase their efficiency and prolong their lives.

5. Easier water balancing. Most chemicals and conditioners affect the hot tub water balance. O-Care doesn’t, which means less work and less balancing chemicals are necessary.

6. Softer skin. The mixture of high-quality mineral salts will leave your skin feeling soft and silky. And since O-Care has no odor, you won’t feel the need to shower after your soak!

Try O-Care Spa Water Care Today

Keeping your relaxing hot tub free of harmful bacteria and sediment build-up is a breeze with O-Care. Each O-Care box will last 3 to 5 months, depending on the gallonage of your hot tub. Save even more when you sign up for an auto-subscription with Pettis Pools. A subscription saves you an average of $30 per year, which is a $10 discount per box and it ships right to your door for FREE. Be sure to download the free O-Care app to help solve your water problems step by step. 

Are you ready to give your hot tub the love it needs? Call the pool care experts at Pettis Pools today to learn more about O-Care and how we can help keep your hot tub healthy and crystal clear.


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