Chlorine is the standard chemical used to keep your pool water clean, fresh, and clear. Most pool owners rely on regular trichlor tabs, but there are better alternatives out there. Whether you want a more effective way to apply chlorine to your pool or are looking for a chlorine-free pool maintenance plan, read on to learn more about some different options. 

Poolife NST Tablets

Poolife NST Tablets are a great alternative to traditional trichlor tablets. These tablets are chlorine-based, but do not contain cyanuric acid. NST Tablets help destroy organic contaminants without causing over-stabilization and successfully guard against bacteria, algae and other contaminants. Best of all, they have not been affected by the overall chlorine shortage. 

One of the better elements of Poolife NST tablets is that they continuously sanitize your pool for a full week, leaving you with steady chlorination without the risk of overstabilization. The slow dissolving tablets are designed to provide long-lasting safety and cleanliness for your pool.

NOTE: Do NOT use standard Poolife NST tablets in a feeder previously used for trichlor tablets. An explosion is highly likely.

For optimum results using NST, you should always maintain your pH level at 7.2, total alkalinity around 80 ppm, calcium hardness above 200 ppm, and free chlorine 1 to 4 ppm.

Chlorine-Free Baquacil CDX

Whether you are a new pool owner or a seasoned veteran, you will appreciate how effortless and effective this system is at providing clear and clean water. After all, the benefits of the CDX® Pool Care System are practically infinite. It starts with the chlorine-free formulation that’s less irritating to eyes and skin than chlorinating products, and it’s less harsh on swimsuits and pool liners. What’s more, the CDX® system keeps water clear, silky and soft, and most of all, it’s easy to begin and maintain.

Unlike chlorine, Baquacil’s effectiveness isn’t affected by temperature, sunlight, or pH changes and does not require stabilizer. This stability means you can go longer between Baquacil applications, which means less maintenance for you as a pool owner. You’ll also enjoy not having your hair and fabrics bleached and less skin and eye irritation. For more information about Baquacil and its benefits, click here to learn more

Clear Comfort AOP System

Clear Comfort’s chlorine-alternative AOP water treatment systems rejuvenate your swimming pool ownership experience. From simplified management to health and environment protection, the non-toxic, sustainable pool system aligns with your lifestyle. Clear Comfort uses a process inspired by the way our atmosphere cleans our air to bring you a clean, healthy pool without toxic chemicals. The Advanced Oxidation (AOP) pool treatment produces powerful hydroxyl radicals that destroy contaminants on contact.

With a Clear Comfort’s Advanced Oxidation system, You’ll install a pre-assembled manifold and follow up with easy system maintenance. There is no need for salt or chlorine, which can damage the environment, and your pool will be full of healthy, clear, fresh-water feeling water. You won’t experience eye and skin irritation, bleaching, or any of the other drawbacks of chlorine.

Find the Right Chlorine Alternatives Today

Whether you’re looking for a different way to apply chlorine or a way to lessen your reliance on traditional chlorine chemicals, there are great options available to keep your pool clean and clear all summer. At Pettis Pools, we remain committed to providing our customers with the best pool care products available. 

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