Amp up your backyard aesthetic with a new pergola this summer. Pettis Pools is excited to announce it will soon be offering Canadian-based Toja Grid pergolas. These modular, DIY pergola kits are the perfect addition to your outdoor living space. When it comes to taking your backyard to the next level, a Toja Grid pergola is the right choice. 

What is a Toja Grid Pergola?
Think life-size Tinker Toys and you have yourself a Toja Grid pergola. These DIY pergola kits are available in a number of different bracket options and accessories, including sails, wave shades and umbrella tops. All you have to do is supply the wood you want. The Toja Grid pergola kits allow you to get creative with the type, color and length of wood you want to choose. 

So how does the kit work? After you choose your wood and your pergola kit, simply insert your wood posts into the Toja brackets and screw them in to create the pergola frame. It’s that easy. There’s no need to specially cut the wood to fit the brackets, and you can expect to have your pergola up within an hour or two. 

Once you’ve completed your pergola, be sure to check out other options Toja Grid offers, including DIY furniture options where you just add the wood of your choice. Outfitting your entire backyard living space is easy to do with Toja Grid products. 

Your Rochester Outdoor Living Experts
When it comes to your backyard, let the outdoor living experts at Pettis Pools help make your dreams a reality. Be sure to stop by our pool supply store in East Rochester to come see a Toja Grid pergola in person where we have both the 10×10 and the 10×20 on display, as well as a few DIY outdoor furniture pieces. 

Take the guesswork out of your backyard design with a Toja Grid pergola. Give us a call to stop by and see us today!