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Hot Tub & Swimming Pool Repair

Trucks for swimming pool repair in Rochester, NYPool & Spa Repair in Rochester, NY

Who do you call?

Call a company who maintains a full-time service fleet. No question here about service after the sale!

Call a company who’s been around for a while, whose personnel has had a chance to learn not just from the books and seminars but from years of experience too. Call a company who has a fleet of service vans on the road, responding to all kinds of service requests throughout the region. Call a company who has outstanding, well-qualified personnel heading up this division.

Call Pettis Pools. We know our stuff!

Call (585) 392-7711  ext 114  or  contact us by email at: service@pettispools.com20160517_082151


Inground Liner Replacements—Our Specialty

We’ll make that old pool look like new!

New beautiful 3-D photo-realistic contemporary liner patterns have revolutionized the industry. Your pool will look better than new!

Liner Colors

You won’t recognize your old pool with its new liner! Choose from over 80 gorgeous patterns!

Order early! To start the process, come in to either of our two locations, make your liner selection and leave a 50% deposit. Pool measurements are then taken and the liner order faxed to the factory for fabrication. Because each liner is made only after receiving this order, there is a waiting period—anywhere from two to four weeks; maybe even longer when the season is in full swing—before the liner is received. Then it’s out with the old and in with the new! Repairs are made to the pool bottom as needed, lines are tested. Enjoy your new pool! It never looked so beautiful!


Some of the gorgeous choices from Fox Pools & Pettis Pools!

Take a look at some of the beautiful liner choices available from our preferred vendors:

Fox Pool Liners

Loop Loc Liners

GLI Pool Products Liners

Inground Pool Refurbishing

Our highly skilled technicians will tell you if your pool can be rebuilt and look like a brand new pool again. Pictures and references available. You won’t believe what can be done!

Workers providing pool repair service in Rochester, NY

Workers providing pool repair service in Rochester, NY


Aquacal Heat Pump Superquiet

Aquacal Heat Pump Superquiet

Heater and Heat Pump Installations

aquacal-footerNo need to wait for Mother Nature to warm your pool! Extend your season and let the entire family enjoy more healthy exercise and fun longer.

HeatWave SuperQuiet

Allow us to introduce you to HeatWave SuperQuiet, our TOP selling and most sought after model. You’ll barely even know it’s running…till you feel the water!

Pure Titanium Heat Exchanger at its core – the HeatWave SuperQuiet Series offers you optimum return on your money.


The TropiCal is an economy heat pump designed to fit any budget. It is perfect for above-ground pools and small in-ground pools.

Inground Pool Filter

Inground Pool Filter

Filter Replacements

Sleek designs and new technology take your pool to the latest level of care. Add a timer and an automatic sanitizing system for a care-free season. Inground and above ground, we can do it all!

Above Ground Pool Liner Replacements

Need a new liner? Most popular sizes in stock ready to go. Beautiful tile borders, prints available. Call early to schedule installation.

Hot Tub (Spa) Service

Diagnostic repair, warranty, parts.

We service the following brands: Maax, Vita, Softub, Baja, Gatsby, Marquis, Coleman, Caldera, Dimension One, Master Spas and 5 O’Clock spas. If you have a brand not listed here, please call us and we will try and refer you to the appropriate repair center.

Openings and Closings

We service both inground and above ground pools. Call early to reserve dates; our schedules fill up fast.

Loop-Loc Safety Covers

LOOP-LOC supports the weight of an elephant

LOOP-LOC supports the weight of an elephant

You’ll probably never need a pool cover strong enough to support the weight of the African elephant as seen in LOOP-LOC’s ads. But imagine how safe you’ll feel owning the only pool cover that’s proven it can: the one and only LOOP-LOC safety swimming pool cover! Say goodbye to ugly water tubes!

Winter and safety covers are available for standard and custom size pools as well as above ground pools with decks. Our service department has installed hundreds of these great Loop-Loc covers!



Sam Vito is the chief technician in our Service Repair Dept. We think Sam knows how to do everything!


Heater not operating properly? Filter leaking? Need professional advice? Give us a call and we’ll be there to check it out and get everything working again.

In-Store Pump and Motor Repair—Plus Lots and Lots of Parts

Filter pump and motor acting weak and tired? Or maybe it’s whining so loudly that your neighbors are complaining? Sounds like a new impeller and bearings may be the answer. Our in-store service department carries a complete line of parts and also offers prompt in-store repair service. If you know you’re going to need some work done, we urge you to beat the rush and bring your unit into us as early as possible.

Looking for a special part? It’s always a good idea to bring in the old one so we can see exactly what you need. We know you want your filter or spa pak back in operation as soon as possible so you’ll appreciate our extensive inventory that offers parts for most products from major manufacturers. What we don’t have, we can usually order and have it here within a day or two.